Tonight: RNC Live Blog Covering the Media Coverage

Tonight: RNC Live Blog Covering the Media Coverage

Last night, with the help of my colleagues Tony Lee and Warner Todd Huston, we tried our best to cover the corrupt media’s worst moments during their coverage of last night’s GOP convention. With an eye on cable, the broadcast networks, Twitter, and the Web, in real-time we documented what we witnessed and you can read it all below.

What it boiled down to, though, was exactly what you would expect from a hopelessly corrupt institution determined to drag a failed president over the finish line: Unconscionable race-baiting, cynicism, and the use of Hurricane Isaac to selectively ignore some of the conventions best moments for the GOP. For instance, CNN refused to broadcast speeches given by Republican governors in crucial swing states. You’ll also read how ABC News released a hit poll just as Ann Romney took the stage and NBC’s Brian Williams opened the night with RAPE!

With few notable exceptions, what we didn’t cover was the openly partisan media. We don’t care what MSNBC, The Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo do. Unlike the so-called mainstream media, those outlets are at least open about their biases. They might be sexier to cover in the department of outrage, but millions more people are being duped and propagandized by those who wield a phony shield of objectivity as a partisan weapon.

Tony, Warner, and I will be back for another round tonight. So please tune in.

But in the meantime, take a little time to read what happened last night — take a little time to see how Obama’s Media Palace Guards sell every ounce of their integrity in a desperate effort to prop up a naked emperor who I like to call President FailureTeleprompter.


11:20 — Obamafied Media Wonders Why There Was No Cult of Personailty Around Romney Tonight

The media is using the fact that Chris Christie and some other speakers didn’t spend a lot of time gushing over Mitt Romney as further proof of their Narrative that this represents an enthusiasm gap. But this criticism is not only ridiculous, it’s indicative of the bubble these media narcissists live in.

Because everything is always all about these corrupt media personalities and for four years now we’ve suffered under a failed narcissist-in-chief, the media simply doesn’t understand that most of us aren’t like them.

This convention and this campaign and this election isn’t just about Mitt Romney; it’s also about AMERICA and AMERICANS. 

But through their own sheltered, elite lives and their experience under a president who does things like this, the media actually thinks there must be something wrong when they don’t experience yet another bath in a grotesque cult of personality.

You almost have to feel sorry for them.


11:11 — CNN’s David Gergen Says It Was a ‘Very Good Night’

Give me a moment to pick myself off the floor.  

11:04 — Piers Morgan Offers Gracious Compliment to Mitt and Ann Romney

Criticise Romney all you like but he doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or womanise – and he has a delightful wife & devoted children#GOP2012

Piers has his moments.

10:00 — As Ann Romney Takes the Stage, ABC News Releases Hit Poll

It’s no coincidence that at 10:00 pm tonight — just as Ann Romney was scheduled to speak — that ABC News chose to release this poll with this screaming headline: “Low Favorability Trails Romney Up to the Convention Dais.”

This is ABC News setting tomorrow’s Narrative that Romney’s still in trouble and just not making it.

When a media institution intentionally time the release of a poll like this, they aren’t reporting news, they are intentionally and for partisan purposes, manipulating the news. Period.  

10:00 — NBC’s Brian Williams Open Convention Broadcast With … RAPE! — Tony Lee

As voters who haven’t been obsessed with the horse race tune in for the first time on national television networks like NBC, Brian Williams opens the 10 p.m. broadcast on NBC by covering Hurricane Isaac, not mentioning Obama was campaigning instead of devoting all of his energy to monitoring the storm and preparing for its aftermath. Brian Williams, right off the bat, asks Marco Rubio, who is sitting with Williams at the main desk, about rape and if he is comfortable with the party’s “tone,” on issues, especially women’s issues.

Williams then proceeds to ask Rubio if we should already know more details about Romney than we already do, furthering the mainstream media meme that Romney is furtive and may have something to hide. NBC sets the table this way, just as some of the most important voters — who have lives and don’t pay attention to politics around the clock — start tuning in to get their first impressions of the candidates.

10:00 — PBS Shamelessly Race Baits After Artur Davis Speech — Warner Todd Huston

After Artur Davis’ speech, PBS returned to the racist GOP meme. Mark Shields repeats the point that the GOP is “increasingly a white party win a country that is not.”

But Gingrich points out that we have Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez and many other high profile minorities in office and speaking tonight.
David Brooks asked about Romney’s campaign “lies” about Newt. Newt said, “Look, I tell people that I threw the kitchen sink at Romney but it turns out he had a bigger kitchen.”
Obviously Newt was talking about campaign jousting. But what did Judy Woodruff say? “That has two connotations,” Woodruff pushing the Romney is an evil rich guy narrative.
Amusingly, right after the GOP-is-racist attack by Shields and Woodruff, another Hispanic woman walked up to the rostrum to introduce Ann Romney. That would be Lucé Vela Gutierrez is the wife of Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño.

10:10 — CNN Only Cuts To Gov. Nikki Haley’s Speech After It’s Almost Over

I didn’t hear what Wolf Blitzer’s dull, left-wing panel was talking about instead of broadcasting Haley’s speech — maybe something about Romney’s gender gap problem.

CNN hasn’t only been biased tonight, they’ve also not broadcast the news. Believe it or not, between the shameless race-baiting, MSNBC viewers actually got to see more of the GOP convention than CNN viewers.

10:00 — MSNBC/CNN Reluctantly Cut Late to Artur Davis Speech

Artur Davis is a Democrat and  black Congressman who supported Barack Obama in 2008 and was a star at his convention. Davis’s speech tonight was inspiring and well-received and only after it was two-thirds done, only after both networks were unable to run out the clock with filler, did they finally give him some airtime.

9:45 — CNN Refuses To Air Ted Cruz Speech

Instead of airing ted Cruz’s speech, CNN chose to talk about how the GOP is out-of-touch on abortion, unnecessary hurricane coverage, and commercials. The same media that hammers the GOP’s so-called lack of diversity intentionally chooses to ignore speeches by a Cuban Republican.

9:30 — PBS Sees Only White People at GOP Convention — Warner Todd Huston

After Santorum’s speech ended, Gwen Ifill asked Newt Gingrich if he gets a “twinge” listen to Rick Santorum’s speech, obviously trying to get Newt to slam Rick. But Newt said no, Santorum shows the compassionate side of the GOP that “might surprise many people.”

Judy Woodruff then tried to push Newt to admit that the GOP is an all white party, saying “when you look at the faces,” you don’t see minorities. But Newt didn’t bite on that either. Newt noted that just as they were talking, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz — an Hispanic — was just starting to speak.
Also, I’ll note that as Ifill and Woodruff were talking and during Santorum’s speech many minority faces were panned by the PBS cameras. Apparently Woodruff doesn’t watch her own network!

9:36 — Post-Santorum, CNN’s All Abortion-Abortion-Abortion

Wolf Blitzer, David Gergen, and Candy Crowley just couldn’t stop talking about how “out-of-touch’ Republicans are on abortion after Santorum’s touching speech.

Naturally, not a single one of them mentioned Obama’s wildly extreme views on the issue — his support of partial birth abortion.

9:27 — PBS Freaks Over ‘You Didn’t Build That’ and Not Wanting Government Help — Warner Todd Huston

After Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker’s speech, PBS went back to its panel, this time consisting of Gwen Ifill, Mark Shield, Judy Woodruff and Senator Barrasso (R -Wyoming).

Barasso was asked what he wants from Washington. Barrasso replied that he wants to be left alone.
Judy Woodruff was aghast at Barrasso’s “leave us alone” idea, especially about austerity measures. She prodded Barrrasso with, “Cut programs even if the most vulnerable take the hit?”
Once again Woodruff takes the lead to push the Republicans-hate-the-poor meme.
Barrasso also brought up Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech. Naturally Woodruff disputed that Obama was saying that no one built their businesses. But Barrasso reminded her that Obama also said not long before that, that the “private sector is doing fine.” Barrasso went on saying Obama certainly meant to slam businesses and to push big government.
Ifill is tonight pushing the idea that Republicans are “aggressive.” Several times, including this break, she’s said that “the Republicans are pushing a very aggressive message.” Obviously Ifill is trying to push the idea that the GOP is mean, harsh, hardnosed. One wonders what she expects them to be? Meek. Weak. Quiet? Probably!

9:19 — Tweety McTingles & Rachel Maddow Assure Us they Have Black Friends

Tweety McTingles is still smarting from making a fool of himself the other day as he launched into a racialist rant against Mitt Romney on “Morning Joe.” Of course, it’s McTingles who’s the bigot. He’s the one who automatically associates “welfare” with “black people.”

Since he’s been called on this, McTingles has been running around talking about how he always sees all these black people going to work early in the morning.

This is all about Tweety McTingles and the rest of Obama’s Media Punks being upset over Romney’s effective attack against Obama’s decision to gut welfare reform. So they call it racist and in the process only reveal themselves as racist.

9:10 — CNN Cut Away From Speeches From All Three Swing-State Governors –MSNBC Aired Them

Summing up thus far: Tonight, CNN chose not to broadcast speeches made by the governors of three crucial swing states: OH, VA, and WI.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of the biggest stars in the country, but instead of broadcasting his speech, CNN instead chose to run redundant hurricane coverage and — get this! — commercials! this is what they did the other two, as well.

One might be an accident. Two might be a coincidence. But the third was Scott Walker and that’s simply inexcusable partisanship.

MSNBC aired these speeches, by the way.

And CNN wonders why they;re a low-rated laughingstock.

9:00 — Governor From Crucial Swing State of WI speaks, — CNN Talks Over Him, Cuts To Commercial

This pattern is not accidental. Not even close.

Even MSNBC is playing these speeches!

this is the third governor from a crucial swing state CNN has made sure didn;t get their message out tonight.

8:54 — Governor From Crucial Swing State of VA Speaks – CNN Cuts To Hurricane Coverage, Commercial

While Bob McDonnell, governor of the extremely crucial swing state of Virginia spoke, like they did with Ohio governor Kasich, CNN chose to cut to hurricane coverage, even though nothing new was happening. All Anderson Cooper did for a few minutes was endlessly repeat what he had already endlessly repeated.

Then CNN cut to a commercial.

This isn’t a coincidence. Like most media bias, it’s a small thing, but these small things add up.

CNN is pressing every advantage they have to drag this failed president over the finish line and Isaac is giving them a bunch of small opportunities like this.

8:50 — PBS Pushes False Narrative Republicans Oppose Regulations — Warner Todd Huston

PBS allowed several speakers including Ohio Gov. John Kasich to give their full speeches without PBS commentators interrupting, so kudos to them for that. But after Kashich’s speech they went to Gwen Ifill.
PBS Newshour 8:30 PM: Gwen Ifill gives a little slap to Ohio Gov. John Kasich as he wraps up his speech: “John Kasich is a very combative Governor of Ohio,” she scowled.
The panel of Ifill, Judy Woodruff, Gov. Terry Branstad (Iowa), and Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico started a discussion about regulations and the economy.
Judy Woodruff asked Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico, “Are you saying no regulations? Because some regulations are for safety and the environment!” Once again PBS pushes the false narrative that Republicans are against all regulations when that simply isn’t the case.

8:39 — Wolf Blitzer Still Trying To Anger Ron Paul Voters Into Staying Home

Blitzer is angrier than freakin’ Rand Paul over the organizers not announcing Ron Paul’s delegates.

Blitzer calls it “petty” and “ridiculous.”

What an act.

Blitzer is something of a moron, which is why what he’s doing is so transparent. It’s achingly obvious he’s sowing seeds of disontent among Ron Paul’s people so they won’t come out and vote for Romney.

8:25 — Governor From Crucial Swing State of Ohio Speaks — CNN Cuts To Hurricane Coverage, Commercial

John Kasich is the governor of the hugely important swing-state of Ohio. But rather than broadcast his speech, CNN chose to regurgitate what we’ve already heard 95 times about Hurricane Isaac.

This is how the corrupt media will use Isaac — as an excuse to hit Romney with paper cuts like this. It’s all very subtle and in the subtext..

After CNN ran out of hurricane updates, Kasich was still speaking and CNN chose to … go to commerical.

8:22 — Professional Troll, Andrew Kaczinski, Is So lacking in Self-Awareness He Tweeted This:

In the 2016 election, everyday of both party’s conventions will be entirely devoted to a gaffe by the opposing candidate.

This coming from a Ben Smith acolyte who traffics only in childish nonsense-distractions amplified and manufactured to trip candidates up.

Kaczinski is not only part of this problem, he works for the Lex Luthor of this problem.

8:15 — CBS Evening News Shills So Hard For Obama It Leaves a Mark — Tony Lee

On the CBS Evening News, President Obama’s whereabouts were not mentioned once while the network devoted considerable time to covering Hurricane Isaac. The network did a segment about Hurricane Katrina, reinforcing the link between Hurricanes Isaac and Katrina.

Scott Pelley, Norah O’Donnell, and Bob Scieffer conventionally discussed recent polls and the presidential race and kept their liberalism in check, for the most part. I became suspicious.
And then, bam.
CBS Evening News then did a feature on mortgages that are underwater, and focused on the crucial swing state of Nevada. CBS interviewed a Las Vegas homeowner whose home’s purchase price had plummeted by half. And then, CBS talked up Obama’s plan to refinance mortgages and played a clip of Romney during the primaries in which Romney said he would let the housing market hit its bottom and not support government involvement in the housing market. The implication was clear: Obama would help the homeowner that CBS profiled and Romney would not.
CBS then showed Pelley’s interview with the Romneys in which Pelley showed the Romneys a picture of Obama’s “Romney-Ryan Wrong For Women” poster, reinforcing the false notion that Republicans are hostile toward women, and asked Ann Romney about why Republicans held “extreme” policies on contraceptives and abortions. CBS News, if they were truly neutral arbiters, would ask Obama why he supports late-term abortions, which is more extreme than any policy position the mainstream media accuses Republicans of holding that is extreme. But we all know that is not going to happen.

8:10 — Classy Dana Bash Demands Quiet During Singing of ‘Amazing Grace’ — Warner Todd Huston

Kudos to CNN’s floor reporter Dana Bash who was asked for a report from her sector of the floor, but just as the booth went to her the Oak Ridge Boys started singing “Amazing Grace” and she said, “I’d like to throw it up to the booth. I don’t want to be disrespectful” as the song was being sung.

8:08 — CNN’s John Berman Asks People On Floor If Holding Convention Is Appropriate

More narrative-building from these Obama shills. This is all about undermining the convention as heartless and inappropriate. Naturally, no one at CNN mentions that Obama was out campaigning today. And he’s the president, the guy who is supposed to have his eye on the ball when a hurricane hits. 

Can you imagine how awful Blitzer would be if a hurricane had hit the Sea of Galilee while everyone at the convention was skinny-dipping?  

7:40 — CNN’s Gloria Borger Wonders Why ‘Reasonable’ Republican Didn’t Run In 2012 – Warner Todd Huston

CNN’s Gloria Borger wondered why JEB Bush never ran for president, but since he is “the voice of reason” in the GOP, he is a “reasonable man,” talks about reform and compromise, that’s why he didn’t run because “you don’t hear that from Republicans,” she says.

The whole panel (David Gergen, Piers Morgan, John King) all agreed that the GOP is too extreme for someone as “reasonable” as JEB Bush.

7:30 — Wolf Blitzer Tee’s Up GOP-Should’ve-Cancelled-Convention Narrative To Leftist – Warner Todd Huston

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked former Bush operative Ari Fleischer if the GOP should have canceled the convention because of Hurricane Isaac. Naturally, Fleischer said no, but Roland Martin was not so sure. When Martin was asked asked if the GOP should have cancelled he seemed to feel that the convention showed how nasty the GOP is. “While you have people criticizing the president when you don’t know what is on the ground… you have to recognize that you have an event going on while a portion of the country is being devastated.”

Martin is trying to make the GOP out to be unconcerned about any possible victims of Hurricane Isaac. We should remember, here, that there is NO “devastation” at this point. We just don’t know what effect the hurricane will have on New Orleans or anywhere else for that matter. There just isn’t any “devastation.”

7:52 — Reader Tip: Black Mayor Speaks, MSNBC Doesnt Air It

I assume the tipster is speaking of the amazing Mia Love. Of course, MSNBC won’t show it and if they did, race-baiting Chuck Todd would call it a form of affirmative action practiced by a party with a “diversity problem.”

 7:51 — Left-Wing Laughingstock PolitiFact Live Fact-Checks Convention

For some reason, after teling us it’s twoo! – it’s twoo! Barack Obama increased federal spending less than any modern president, these Obama-shills actually think someone might believe a word they say.

It is fun watching them spin their pathetic wheels though.

7:35 — NBC’s Race-Baiting Chuck Todd Accuses GOP of Strategically Seating Minorities For Camera Purposes

NBC’s Chuck Todd and his goatee just gave viewers a tour of the convention floor while he accused the GOP of cynically and strategically seating people of color so they will be seen on camera, you know, because Republicans have a diversity problem.

If it’s NBC, race-baiting is just part of the deal.

While this was happening Tweety McTingles (Chris Matthews) could be heard off-camera groaning in ecstasy.

7:29 — Politico Actually Leads With a Legitimate Story

This story about our classless president violating the long held convention truce is one of Politico’s top stories.

I do hope Romney does the same. After all it was Obama’s White House that said ‘Punch back twice as hard” and Obama’s not wrong about everything.

7:23 — That Dave Weigel, He’s So Clever

7:15: CNN Sets the Trap: Goes On and On About Romney’s Inability To Connect

This disconnect between the media and the real world is on glaring display tonight. Didn’t we just hire a president based solely on his famous ability to “connect” and “empathize?”

And look at what that got us.

The media won’t even float this fact as a point of discussion. They’re baiting Romney, really. They want him to give a “Oprah” speech instead of a speech that projects leadership and competence. The media is setting a trap hoping Romney listens to them and makes the mistake of coming off as a phony when he sticks his tongue down Ann’s throat in front of America, or something.

Don’t fall for it, Mitt!

7:10: CNN Covers Isaac Without Mentioning Jindal’s Complaints About Obama

But you knew that.

6:45: Wolf Blitzer Pushes Claim Romney Isn’t “Likable” In Interview With Romney Sons — Warner Todd Huston

“Bill Clinton was likable. Your dad seems to be reluctant to open up when the cameras are rolling,” Blitzer said to the Romney sons.
Wolf seemed amazed that the five sons loved their parents. “I think they REALLY do love their parents,” he said.
Wolf handed it over to John King who asked David Gergan: “How much can Ann Romey do, even if she’s brilliant” to alleviate the claim that Mitt Romney is stiff and unlikable.

6:50: Anti-Gay BuzzFeed Politics Chooses NOW To Highlight ‘Anti-Muslim’ GOP Pol

The professional #BenSmithering trollers over at the anti-gay BuzzFeed Politics thought that RIGHT NOW would be a good time to resurrect a 2011 statement from a Republican House candidate in Arizona:

“If you know Middle Easterners, a lot of them look Mexican, or they look like a lot of people in South America — dark skin, dark hair brown eyes. And they mix. They mix in,” she said.

“And those people, their only goal in life is to cause harm to the United States. So why do we want them here, either legally or illegally,” she added, arguing, “They have found prayer rugs, they have found copies of the Koran. So that tells you this is not just poor illegals who are trying to come to this country to try and find work.”

Saucedo Mercer has been endorsed by Gov. Jan Brewer, according to her website.

This is actually an improvement for BuzzFeed. Last week they were accusing Romney of ginning up a race war.


6:42: Preview of Ann Romney’s Speech:

Released with permission from the Romney campaign:

I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a “storybook marriage.” Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, long, rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once. And those storybooks never seemed to have chapters called MS or Breast Cancer.

A storybook marriage? No, not at all. What Mitt Romney and I have is a real marriage.

At every turn in his life, this man I met at a high school dance, has helped lift up others. He did it with the Olympics, when many wanted to give up.

This is the man America needs.

This is the man who will wake up every day with the determination to solve the problems that others say can’t be solved, to fix what others say is beyond repair. This is the man who will work harder than anyone so that we can work a little less hard.

I can’t tell you what will happen over the next four years. But I can only stand here tonight, as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an American, and make you this solemn commitment:

This man will not fail.

This man will not let us down.

This man will lift up America!

Yeah, but can “this man” spend almost a trillion dollars and still shrink the economy and increase the unemployment rate?

That takes a unique kind of talent. 

6:41: Total and Complete Left-wing Insanity Rages on MSNBC

But you already knew that.  

6:35: Still No CNN Split Screens of Isaac Battering Louisiana Coast and Obama Campaigning

Makes you wonder if The Most trusted Name In News is all talk.

6:30: JournOlister Dave Weigel Institutes ‘Koch Watch’

The good news is that “Koch Watch” gives us a breather from Weigel gushing over how precious BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins is.

6:19: CNN’s Candy Crowley Violates Ann Romney Speech Embargo?

Excerpts of Ann Romney’s speech were embargoed until 6:30pm. Candy Crowley is spilling them now. Oh, and she’s a debate moderator. Maybe she was given special instructions.

6:10: CNN’s Blitzer Obsessed Over Juxtaposition Between Hurricane and Convention

Like a Talking Point Doll with a pull-string controlled by President FailureTeleprompter, Blitzer just can’t stop talking about the “stark difference” between the hurricane video and the cushy GOP convention. We keep waiting for him to mention Obama choosing to campaign as this hurricane zeroed in on New Orleans, but we’re not holding our breath.

5:50: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Concern Trolls GOP Over Ron Paul ‘Snub’

Blitzer, who never met an anti-GOP narrative he couldn’t beat mercilessly into the ground, just spent 10 minutes concern-trolling the GOP over what he’s sure is the kind of snub that could suppress Republican turnout. As various states pledged delegates to Ron Paul, those delegates weren’t announced from the podium. Blitzer feigned all kinds of concern over this rudeness and then John King came on to remind us that these things matter. George Bush won the presidency by just a few hundred votes, donchaknow.

Blitzer is not reporting from the Sea of Galilee where some members of Congress reportedly skinny-dipped last year. But you know he would’ve liked to.  

5:03pm – CNN’s Erin Burnett Takes Break From Clucking Her Tongue At RNC To Chuckle At Hurricane — Tony Lee

At the beginning of the 5 p.m. hour of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” anchors Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett began the broadcast with coverage of Hurricane Isaac. CNN reporter Ed Lavandera, reporting outside in Grand Isle, Louisiana, was struggling to stay on his feet as he was being pummeled by wind and rain.
CNN, like other mainstream media networks, is doing its best to juxtapose coverage of Hurricane Isaac next to its coverage of the Republican National Convention, hoping that the somber images associated with the Hurricane next to cheerful Republicans will make Republicans seem out of touch. Meanwhile the mainstream media has given President Barack Obama, the nation’s chief executive and Commander-in-Chief, a complete pass as he campaigns in Iowa to try to right his sagging poll numbers instead of directing all of his attention to a Hurricane that is barreling toward New Orleans.
While Lavandera was struggling to do his live-shot, Burnett, in a comfortable Tampa, Florida studio, started to giggle uncontrollably like a school girl at Lavandera’s struggles. Blitzer also could not hold back some giggles. This is yet another example of the mainstream media holding Republicans to one set of standards, and holding themselves to another.
CNN is trying to advance the narrative the Republicans are having a jolly-good time while the gulf coast potentially suffers from another natural disaster (as the Hurricane gains more steam, the mainstream media will try to condemn any Republican at the RNC who looks semi-happy or festive and make the inevitable comparisons to Hurricane Katrina), but their primetime anchors cannot even cover the storm “seriously” without laughing, proving once again that the mainstream media members are the most out of touch and insufferable of them all.


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