NBC to Put Willie Geist on Today Show

NBC to Put Willie Geist on Today Show

Following news that NBC Today show host Matt Lauer has suffered severely in popularity polls, there are now reports that MSNBC panelist Willie Geist is being brought into the show’s third hour and will be an occasional substitute for Lauer on the morning show.

Willie Geist has of late been a member of the panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program but his contract is coming to an end in September. Now Geist will join Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie in the third hour of the daily broadcast.

While known for his affable on-air demeanor, Geist is, of course, just another left-wing TV talking head.

Back in 2008, Geist attacked then GOP primary front runner Mike Huckabee as a “crackpot” simply because he came from a religious tradition.

Also that same year, Geist was dismissive of a stupid American public for flocking to the theaters to see the movie Cloverield saying of the trend, “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.”

Then, in 2010, Geist was a critic of the group trying to stop a Mosque from being built at Ground Zero in New York City.

Rush Limbaugh had a bit of fun with Geist in 2011 when Geist again seriously reported that Obama was going to “turn the page” and begin to focus on jobs. Limbaugh wondered how Geist could have any “journalistic credibility” at all since Obama has claimed to have “turned that page” time and again over the last three years. Geist, Limbaugh pointed out, should have been reporting Obama’s repeated failures, not reporting that “new” focus on jobs as if Obama hadn’t failed a dozen times previously on that same subject.

In February of this year, Geist engaged in a very contentious interview with Christian Evangelist Reverend Franklin Graham as he tried to force Graham into saying Obama was not a Christian.

Later that May, Geist did his best to whitewash Obama’s primary embarrassments in order to cajole viewers that “none of this matters.”

The closing question is this: is Geist being given a tryout to replace Lauer whose cratering “Q Rating” is causing tongues to wag throughout the TV industry?


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