MSNBC's Matthews: Media Too Biased Toward Right

MSNBC's Matthews: Media Too Biased Toward Right

On Wednesday night’s “Hardball,” MSNBC host Chris Matthews asserted that the mainstream media’s reporting was too favorable of the Republican Party.  

According to Matthews, the media failed to report fairly on the presidential election and the biggest story that, to him, was obvious to anyone with a brain: that the Republican Party had moved terrifyingly to the extreme right of American politics.  

Matthews cites as examples of the dangerous lurch to the extreme right a litany of headlines and sound bites exploited by his network to scare voters from voting Republican. “Self-deportation, forget the 47% percent, treat women like they belong in binders, ignore the rights of gay people, crack down on abortion rights even in the case of rape…”  

The most glaring example of Matthews’ lack of self-awareness toward his own biases is that the subsequent panel discussion included David Corn of Mother Jones and Joan Walsh of Salon, two vitriolic attack dogs against anyone with political views outside of the mainstream in San Francisco.  


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