Media Reports, Dismisses Fact that Show of Force Stopped CT School Shooter

Media Reports, Dismisses Fact that Show of Force Stopped CT School Shooter

This morning on “Morning Joe,” Pete Williams reported that the Connecticut elementary school shooter ended his rampage and killed himself upon the arrival of the police:

Only when he saw and heard the police running down the hall toward him did this end, when the police say he used one of the handguns to shoot himself; ending this killing spree.

According to this media reports, then, what apparently stopped this awful massacre was a show of force — was the shooter knowing the police were coming.

So where’s the media discussion on what might have actually stopped this shooting before over two dozen were murdered, and that was brave individuals trained in the use of firearms on their way to confront the killer.

Everyone knows, including madmen, that they have at least five minutes to do whatever they want before police arrive. So…

What if we had the equivalent of air marshals in schools?

What if willing teachers were trained and armed in schools?

What if we treated schools like we do airplanes and advertised the hell out of the fact that there’s a very good chance someone’s in the building who is trained and armed?

One could argue that if this were the case, not only could these madmen be stopped sooner but that it might also work as a deterrent.

But all we hear the media talking about this morning is restricting the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Moreover, the media’s also making it sound as though guns are the problem when they might really be the solution.

Why don’t we treat schools like we do airplanes?  


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