Andrew Breitbart's Birthday Gift: Victory Over NBC

Andrew Breitbart's Birthday Gift: Victory Over NBC

Andrew Breitbart did not take pleasure in the misfortune of individuals with whom he had battled over the years. Yet there was nothing he hated more than the collusion of the mainstream media in perpetuating left-wing lies, destroying lives in the process. Conversely, there was nothing Andrew relished more than the rare moments when the media were confronted with their own dishonesty and hypocrisy, and made to pay the price.

That is why he would have welcomed the departure of NBC News president Steve Capus. Breitbart News’ John Nolte–who was the first critic to pursue Capus, as managing editor Alex Marlow points out–has listed some of the many scandals that embroiled Capus’s brief tenure. None was more egregious than the selective editing of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him look like a racist who had killed Trayvon Martin out of hatred.

The left and its mainstream media enablers had used the false “selective editing” meme to attack conservatives ever since the ACORN exposé of 2009. NBC and its militant wing, MSNBC, have made a habit of selective editing to provoke outrage. Most recently, MSNBC edited footage of a town hall meeting about the Sandy Hook shooting to defame Second Amendment supporters, suggesting that they “heckled” a bereaved father.

So today, when we remember Andrew most fondly, and when we wish we could have been celebrating another year with him–a year of amazing growth for his company and his vision–we can take comfort in the thought that somehow, somewhere, he is celebrating. His spirit, the spirit of citizen journalism, lives on.


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