Media Ignores: 'Obama Can Choose Where Sequester Cuts Fall'

Media Ignores: 'Obama Can Choose Where Sequester Cuts Fall'

Over at White House Dossier this morning, Keith Koffler points out an inconvenient fact that completely undermines the Narrative Propaganda currently emanating from the White House and its media about the dire, world-ending, economy-crashing, dangerous sequester cuts.

Uhm, yeah, except Obama has the authority to choose what is and is not cut:

President Obama has far more latitude than he is letting on to choose the cuts he wants if the sequester kicks in, and he can avoid many of the cataclysmic results that he has been warning about over the past week, according to the Wall Street Journal. …

What’s more, Republicans are prepared to give Obama more authority to make good choices.

Meanwhile, Obama surrounds himself with the very same first responders and teachers he intends to lay off in order to win a crisis he manufactured. After all, sequester is a law Obama proposed, saw passed, and signed in to law.

And as the media rolls over and intentionally lets Obama get away with his lies and falsehoods, this very same media is all confused over why Obama dismisses them as low-level stenographers.


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