Number Seven: NBC News Caught Again Selectively Editing Video

Number Seven: NBC News Caught Again Selectively Editing Video

Deceptive journalistic practices at NBC News show no sign of slowing down. This latest attempt to selectively edit audio/video in order to benefit Barack Obama represents the seventh such act of willful, intentional journalistic malpractice. NBC News is already being sued over one instance involving George Zimmerman. Via Newsbusters, here is the latest, which occurred Thursday at MSNBC:

The whole idea behind this edit was to make it look as though Republican congressman Pete Sessions was claiming that giving food stamps to the poor meant you were giving food stamps to rapists and child molesters. In other words, poor people are criminals.

As you can see, though, what Sessions really said and meant was the exact opposite.

Since NBC News has begun this regular practice of deceptively editing audio, video, and photos in order to make Obama’s political critics and foes look bad, the rest of the media as a whole have hardly bothered to notice.

Oh, some who screw up in media are given all kinds of hell from their colleagues. Howard Kurtz, for example. But Kurtz’s honest (but big) mistake was to be critical of a left-wing sacred cow.

And then there is the legendary Bob Woodward who caught all kinds of flak from his colleagues after he claimed an Obama official tried to intimidate him over a story critical of the administration.

You see how this works? If you err in a way that hurts the left, the media targets its own for total destruction. But if you maliciously and intentionally commit journalistic malpractice in service to Obama and the left, the media hardly manages a shrug.


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