Polls: George Zimmerman's Favorability Rating Higher Than Al Sharpton's

Polls: George Zimmerman's Favorability Rating Higher Than Al Sharpton's

The last Rasmussen poll that looked at NBC’s Al Sharpton was in April of last year. It showed that only 26% of Americans viewed the MSNBC anchor favorably, while a full 60% viewed him unfavorably. It is hard to imagine that has improved much considering his demagogic and racially-divisive behavior surrounding the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

By contrast, however, a new Rasmussen poll shows that George Zimmerman, the Hispanic man recently acquitted in the fatal shooting of Martin, is viewed favorably by 32% of the public (six points higher than Sharpton), and unfavorably by less than half of the public, 48% (compared to Sharpton’s 60%).

What’s remarkable is that after 15 months of the media, political left, and Barack Obama engaging in a relentless campaign of lies, race-baiting, fabricating evidence, and selective reporting against Zimmerman, his unfavorable rating isn’t above 50%.

This is a huge failure, and not the only poll proving the media’s race-baiting campaign has failed. Recent polls have shown that the media’s dishonest push to make the Zimmerman affair about race (when all the evidence proves otherwise) has failed to convince 76% of the American people.


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