The CNN-NBC Wing of the Clinton Campaign

The CNN-NBC Wing of the Clinton Campaign

CNN used to be nicknamed the “Clinton News Network” for its overly-favorable reporting of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Today I am renaming NBC the “Nobody But Clinton” network. 

As you’ve probably heard, these two liberally-biased networks announced that they are planning to produce a documentary (CNN) and a miniseries (NBC) about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the run-up to her likely run for the presidency. Upon hearing this news, millions of Americans started asking questions and demanding answers.

Knowing what we all know about these two networks, how can these two projects amount to anything more than a massive in-kind corporate contribution to the coming Clinton campaign? The odds of these productions showcasing the good along with the bad of Secretary Clinton’s career are slim to none. The truth is these shows will be a glowing charade of someone who would resemble Hillary Clinton if she were perfect.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus cried foul by threatening not to allow CNN and NBC to sponsor any Republican debates during the 2016 presidential primary season. Reince is right; why should Republicans continue to sit back and continue to play ball with these networks that have a clear agenda to help elect Hillary in 2016? 

Following suit, I wrote a letter to CNN and NBC to remind them that my group, Citizens United, has a film entitled Hillary: The Movie available for either network to air if they decide they want to appear fair and open-minded. I also disclosed that a sequel to Hillary is in pre-production, and it will be available by the time CNN and NBC are getting ready to release their “Hillary Is The Best Thing Ever” shows. We’re hopeful to receive positive responses from the two networks any day now.

That being said, there’s another dimension to this episode in addition to the liberal bias that is built in to the mainstream media. It’s called liberal hypocrisy. When Citizens United won at the Supreme Court to secure our right to free speech so we could run television advertisements for Hillary: The Movie, the left went absolutely haywire. 

From President Obama on down, liberals screamed that corporate money in politics would take over America and drown out the voices of the little guy. Despite what the First Amendment clearly states, liberals are free to take this faulty position. However, when you turn around and start to benefit from corporate money, you become a hypocrite.

Fast forward to today. NBC and CNN are corporations, as is Citizens United, albeit they are a few billion dollars richer. Where are the liberal shrieks about corporate money now? Shouldn’t Hillary Clinton say “thanks but no thanks people, I don’t support corporate money in politics”? 

And how about NBC and CNN? How many negatively slanted pieces have they run about our Supreme Court victory? Is their position that they get to use corporate money to speak about elected officials and the rest of us don’t? The silence from the left on this issue has been deafening, and I don’t expect an honorable response any time soon.

I believe in a robust First Amendment, and I think our laws should welcome participation in our political system by anyone who wants to play – including corporations like CNN and NBC. But let’s call it what it is: liberal hypocrisy of the worst kind.


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