Piers Morgan Decries AR-15, FBI Says No AR-15 Used at Navy Yard

Piers Morgan Decries AR-15, FBI Says No AR-15 Used at Navy Yard

During the September 16 airing of Piers Morgan Live, Morgan decried another story of an AR-15 being used in a mass shooting. However, the FBI says an AR-15 was not used at the D.C. Navy Yard. 

Instead, the weapons found on the body of Aaron Alexis were a shotgun and two handguns–and the two handguns were believed to have been taken off victims whom Alexis killed.

But as HotAir.com reports, Morgan was so eager to go after the AR-15–a “killing machine” as he once called it–that he spent an entire segment trying to get gun scholar John Lott and radio host Ben Ferguson to agree that “mass shootings in America” are increasing because of AR-15s.

In fact, Morgan all but screamed when he said there have been 30 mass shootings since 2006, “13 [have happened] in the last 20 months,” and they are getting worse and worse because of the availability of the AR-15.

John Lott responded by showing that Piers’ numbers come from Mother Jones and are academically questionable at best. He also told  Piers, “Yelling does not make you right.”

Undaunted by the facts, Morgan ended the segment by expressing his wishes that the AR-15 be banned.

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