Coulter: Shysters Responsible For GOP Election Losses

Coulter: Shysters Responsible For GOP Election Losses

Ann Coulter held nothing back on Hannity Monday night going after “shysters” who are taking advantage of the Republican Party. 

Coulter’s broader point was that for the Republican Party to achieve anything, they need to have majorities in the House and the Senate. The recent spate of primaries against reliable Republican Senators have made it more difficult for the GOP to gain a majority. 

Surprisingly, Coulter named Liz Cheney and her recent primary bid against Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo) as an example of the problematic trend. 

Coulter: I love Liz Cheney, but why should we be having a rancorous primary against a good Republican senator other than for Liz Cheney’s ego?

Hannity: I think she’s more conservative. 

Coulter: We are not concentrating on winning. We are allowing shysters to take advantage of the Republican Party.

Coulter was on Hannity to promote her latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially a Republican.

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