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Look Who's Dissing Andrew Breitbart

Look Who's Dissing Andrew Breitbart

Former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers tells today that Andrew Breitbart and Tucker Carlson are not “all that bright.” His evidence: they believe(d) in “small government.” His argument: Somalia has a small government, too. It takes a special kind of intelligence, you see, to cling to a straw man rather than engage the ideas of your ideological opponents. And note that Ayers leaves out what Breitbart actually said.

Here’s how that dinner with Andrew actually went down

Once we arrived at the apartment, much to Andrew’s and Ayers’s chagrin, they got along famously. Just two guys having dinner, finding commonality, even if Andrew regarded it his hidebound duty to passive-aggressively heckle Ayers as he served us plates of hoisin ribs and farmhouse cheeses. (“This is the bomb, Bill,” Breitbart said to the former explosives-rigger.)

So not only is Ayers intellectually dull; he’s also humorless, and perhaps somewhat resentful at having been mocked. (Here’s Andrew’s own recollection of the evening, brimming with his characteristic wit.)

Speaking of resentment, note who interviewed Ayers for Salon: Natasha Lennard, the New York Times stringer whom Breitbart & Co. exposed as a co-conspirator with the Occupy Wall Street activists. She was dropped by the Times after being outed by Lee Stranahan, then purported to “quit” in a radical huff.

Note Lennard worships Ayers: “As a member of the Weather Underground in the late 1960s and early ’70s, you were designated a ‘domestic terrorist’ and targeted by the FBI for setting off explosives in symbolically pertinent places, never injuring any people.” You have to be really bright to be that morally obtuse.


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