Obama's Favorite Columnists

Obama's Favorite Columnists

According to former Barack Obama aides Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau, Obama is a “voracious” reader, whose favorite columnists include Josh Barro of the Business Insider, Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine, and Ezra Klein of the Washington Post. 

Vietor said Obama’s favorite columnists write “smart, nerdy stuff.” Apparently smart, nerdy stuff does not include reports regarding Benghazi or the NSA.

Vietor also reported that Obama normally reads off his iPad, but he jettisons it when he reads one of his favorite backers: “When he goes for the New York Times, he still reads the hard copy.” Vietor and Favreau claimmed that Obama has been reading the Times in hard copy even as far back as his senatorial career.


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