Al-Jazeera America Launches Left-Wing Docs

Al-Jazeera America Launches Left-Wing Docs

According to the latest report, Al-Jazeera America’s (AJA) ratings are exactly zero.

 Although available in 55 million homes, no one is watching. Worst of all, AJA has had absolutely no impact on the national conversation. Nothing the cable news network has done so far has penetrated anywhere — which is all that matters to the media. To try to remedy this, AJA is set to unfurl a number of left-wing documentaries:

“Borderland,” is a four-part series that will show six Americans given the task of retracing the footsteps of three deceased migrants attempting to cross to the United States from Mexico. In the process, the network will draw attention to the plight of 5,500 individuals who have perished in the desert over the last 15 years while trying to make a similar journey. …

Al Jazeera America has two other series on tap. “The System with Joe Berlinger,” produced for Al Jazeera America by Radical Media, will explore controversial cases of alleged injustices in the U.S. judicial system, while presenting the points of view of victims, criminals and members of law-enforcement.

AJA has also inked a deal with Alex Gibney, a documentary filmmaker as overrated as he is left-wing.

Obviously, AJA is not interested in attracting viewers. No one watches this tripe. Not even leftists.

What AJA is hoping to do is attract buzz from its left-wing counterparts who infest almost all of the mainstream media. If you want traction in the media, you don’t need an audience, you just have to appeal to the left-wing sweet-spot on a Matt Lauer, Don Lemon, or Politico.

I have just one word for Al-Jazeera America: “Whales.”


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