Ronan Farrow Investigates 'Bronies'

Ronan Farrow Investigates 'Bronies'

MSNBC’s new award-winning reporter, Ronan Farrow, has been scouring the world for the most trenchant stories of our time, and this week, the Hollywood scion investigated the adult male fans of the kids’ cartoon My Little Pony who go by the name “bronies.”

These bronies (pronounced “bro-nees”) range from young men in their 20s to adults in their 30s, all of whom seem to be sincerely interested in a cartoon originally created to sell toys to seven-year-old little girls. And apparently Ronan Farrow is here to give us their fascinating story.

Farrow has been hitting all the important stories that the nation wants to hear about, of course. Only days ago he flew to Kenya to find out if President Obama was still popular in the land of his father’s birth. Turns out, Kenya is one of the few places in the world where Obama still has decent favorables.

This week, it was time to plumb the depths of the bronies’ tale, and plumb it Farrow did–by playing host to an important investigative video in conjunction with the website Vocativ.

Vocativ correspondent Sam Matthews went to “BronyCon,” a convention held for fans of the kiddy cartoon, and mugged his way through a Jon Stewart-styled mocking report about the fans of the cartoon.

Farrow himself gave a provocative intro to the video, presenting the story of nine-year-old Grayson Bruce who wore a My Little Pony backpack to school and unsurprisingly found himself the target of bullies.

In a media interview, young Mr. Bruce said that the bullies had “taken it too far” by beating him up, to which Ronan joked, “Thank you, Grayson. They’re taking it way too far.”

In any case, the tale of the bronies was a tale of import for MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow. It is no wonder that Mia Farrow’s little boy, only two days into his new career as a journalist, had already become an award winning reporter.