MSNBC's Matthews, Wagner, Mitchell Top List of Most-Hated Newscasters

MSNBC's Matthews, Wagner, Mitchell Top List of Most-Hated Newscasters

Television and Hollywood live and die by their “Q Scores,” that measurement of a TV personality’s popularity. But if’s new report is correct, the top five most-hated TV newscasters all work for MSNBC, CNN, and CBS.

The website reports that PR firm Henry Schafer Partners, which creates the “Q Score,” surveyed 1,800 TV viewers to find out who were the most and least-popular TV newscasters. MSNBC took three of the five top spots on the most-disliked list.

In the worst of the worst category, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had a starring role. He “struck out with the lowest likeability score of all,” winning the race for the least-popular TV host. 

In second place for the worst newscaster, MSNBC ranked again, this time with Now host Alex Wagner.

MSNBC yet again featured on the worst list, as Andrea Mitchell, host of the liberal network’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, tipped in as the third least-popular TV news host.

CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl didn’t fare much better. She came in as the fourth most-disliked newscaster.

Finally, rounding out the list of worst newscasters, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta of Sanjay Gupta MD made his appearance at number five.

As to the top five, the plaudits went to Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News in the top spot as the most-liked newscaster, CNN’s Anderson Cooper next, Lara Logan of CBS in third place, followed by NBC’s Brian Williams. In the 5th most-liked spot was CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

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