New York Times: 'Ridiculous' Obama Isn't Unilaterally Stopping Deportations

New York Times: 'Ridiculous' Obama Isn't Unilaterally Stopping Deportations

The New York Times believes it is “ridiculous” that President Barack Obama instructed Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to delay the administration’s deportation review.

“There is something ridiculous about the president’s fear of halting a legislative process that has been motionless for nearly a year,” the Times wrote in a Thursday editorial. “And it’s infuriating for him to insist that doing more through executive action to protect families and reset the system’s warped priorities – as he did in halting the deportations of thousands of young people brought to the country as children – is impossible or too politically dangerous.”

After pro-amnesty groups pressured Obama to take unilateral actions to change the country’s immigration laws even though Janet Napolitano, Obama’s previous Homeland Security Security, has debunked the notion that Obama is the “deporter-in-chief,” Obama instructed Johnson to review the nation’s immigration laws and ways the administration could change them.

House Republicans, though, have said that they would not go forward with immigration reform if Obama cannot be trusted to enforce the nation’s laws, and the White House said it was delaying the deportation review to give Congress six weeks to pass amnesty legislation. Senate Democrats have indicated that Obama will be forced to act alone on immigration if Congress does not pass immigration legislation in six weeks.

The Times noted that states and local governments are already ignoring some immigration laws and “pursuing their own reforms,” such as “refusing to help federal immigration agents detain minor offenders and noncriminals, and looking for ways to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses” to illegal immigrants.

“Even July is too long a wait for thousands of would-be Americans who would qualify for legal status under the stalled reform,” the Times continued. “Instead, they live in fear of being torn from their families, as the Obama administration keeps on deporting people, figuring that after two million deportations, give or take, what’s a few thousand more?”


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