Media and Westboro Baptist Church Agree: God Hates Gays

Media and Westboro Baptist Church Agree: God Hates Gays

Back in December, when Ducky Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ and listed a whole host of biblical sins, including homosexuality, the media went apeshit. For openly stating the simple fact that the Bible considers homosexuality a sin, the media labeled Robertson a homophobe.

Wednesday the same thing happened. Robertson correctly and clearly stated that the “God says, ‘One man, one woman,'” and for that he was again labeled a homophobe.

The Bible is God’s Word. The Bible isn’t some book some guys got together to write. The Bible is God speaking to us over thousands of years. This means…

If you believe, as the media does, that quoting the Bible is an act of homophobia, then you are clearly declaring God a homophobe; and if God is a homophobe, the pigs at the Westboro Baptist Church are correct: God gates gays.

God of course does not hate anyone anymore than any loving parent could hate their own child. God wants what is best for us. God hates sin. God doesn’t hate us for sinning. Quite the opposite, our sin hurts God like any kind of destructive behavior from a child hurts a loving parent.

God is not singling out or punishing homosexuals. The biblical bar for sexuality is extremely high for all of us.

The media need to start learning more about what it is they are talking about — namely, Christianity. In their bigoted zeal to destroy anything in the culture that does not represent them (Duck Dynasty), the media reveal the troubling fact that they share the same beliefs as the repugnant Westboro Baptist Church.


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