‘Hands Up Don’t SHOP’ Black Friday Ferguson Protests Announced

‘Hands Up Don’t SHOP’ Black Friday Ferguson Protests Announced

“Hands Up Don’t Shop Plan a Blackout Black Friday” reads a post from the Ferguson National Response Network. The locally-organized group has kept a running list of planned protests since Monday night’s grand jury announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

On the first night of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, one man shouted out a plan to protest Black Friday and call it “Michael Brown Friday.” His call came shortly after the grand jury decision had been announced.

Ferguson National Response Network posted the general location of planned Black Friday protests as “Local Mall Demonstration in Your City” to their Tumblr account on Wednesday.

Two San Diego protests began in the locations where the Ferguson National Response Network directed on their website. One started in the City Heights neighborhood at the “Performance Annex” the “Day After Announcement.” A second occurred at San Diego’s “US Federal Building” the “Day After Announcement.”

According to Ferguson National Response Network, individuals can “Submit Your Blackout Black Friday Demonstration” on their website. The website then directs site visitors to an article by The Gateway Pundit for an example of how Ferguson protesters marched on an upscale shopping mall in St Louis in October.

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