Jorge Ramos: Obama 'Establishing His Power' on Amnesty

Jorge Ramos: Obama 'Establishing His Power' on Amnesty

Univision’s Jorge Ramos declared that President Barack Obama is “establishing his power” on race and immigration and his executive amnesty is a sign that Obama intends to be an “active president” for the rest of his term. 

Appearing on Reliable Sources on CNN, Ramos said what he took away from his interview with Obama last week was that Obama intends to be an “active president” and not a “lame-duck president,” especially on “race issues” and immigration. Ramos, who does not hide his biases and activism, challenged Obama for not going far enough on executive amnesty instead of questioning him on the legal merits of his executive amnesty. 

“What he’s saying right now is that he’s an active president, that he’s not a lame duck president,” Ramos said, adding that Obama has been a “much more assertive president” who is “establishing his power” since he realizes that “he’s not going to be able to work with Congress.”

BET’s Jeff Johnson, who appeared with Ramos, said that Obama “is a president who wants to show what the White House has the ability to do, without Congress, where some of his initiatives are going to be, whether it’s through executive order or whether it’s through utilization of mechanisms like the DoJ.”

“He wants to be very aggressive in saying, ‘here’s where we’re going to use our authority to be able to address these very pressing issues,'” Johnson added.

Obama gave interviews to Johnson and Ramos last week to discuss his executive amnesty and the nationwide Ferguson and Eric Garner protests. 


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