Washington Post: In Rejecting Terry McAuliffe’s Gun Control GOP Rejected ‘Safety’

AP Photo/Steve Helber
AP Photo/Steve Helber

On January 26, Breitbart News reported that Virginia’s Republican-controlled Senate Courts of Justice panel rejected Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) recent gun control proposals, including a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit and new regulations on gun shows.

On February 3, The Washington Post reported that “the pro-gun crowd in Richmond” that rejected McAuliffe’s proposals did not stop there, but dared substitute pro-Second Amendment proposals in their stead. The Post describes this as a “stunt” aimed at making it “easier to bring handguns into schools and airports.”

The Post did not explain that it is already easy for criminals to bring handguns or long guns on school campuses. We saw them this at Columbine (1999), Sandy Hook Elementary (2012), Arapahoe High School (2013), Virginia Tech (2007), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013), and Seattle Pacific University (2014), among others. The GOP in Richmond is simply arguing that if bad guys are going to continue bringing guns on campus then good guys need the legal authority to have guns with which to stop them.

The Washington Post also failed to explain that the bill to expand concealed carry into airports only expands it to the unsecured portions of the airport. Texas, Georgia, and numerous other states have similar provisions.

Once again, criminals are already carrying guns in these unsecured areas–legal or not–so making it legal for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves only makes sense.

But the Post sees it differently. They argue that the GOP is trading “safety” for “[expanded] gun rights” and “[wider] loopholes.” They suggest that if the Republicans had just listened to McAuliffe, everything would have been better.

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