Hate Network: CNN Anchor Compares Charleston Massacre to Video Game


After smearing former-Democrat Congressman Ben Jones by intentionally misrepresenting what he said about white supremacy, Ashleigh Banfield, an afternoon anchor for the left-wing hate network CNN, compared the racist terror attack in Charleston to — believe it or not — a video game. Her glib comparison to Mortal Kombat occurs at about the 40 second mark.

“White supremacy is not nonsense. More than a week ago it led to the ‘Mortal Kombat’ murders of nine innocent churchgoers.”

“Mortal Kombat murders?” Is she for real?

Ironically, Banfield’s glib description came as she intentionally mischaracterized what Jones said as a means to sanctimoniously puff herself up and berate him for describing white supremacy as nonsense.

Desperate for a cheap gotcha against a white man with a southern accent, Banfield pretended Jones was intentionally downplaying white supremacy and then fell into her own trap by comparing the worst hate crime this country has seen in decades to a game.

Of course, this is a game to CNN, a political game. The dead are merely useful pawns.


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