Juan Williams: People Shouldn’t Have ‘Tremendous Automatic Weaponry’

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer
AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

On the June 22 airing of Fox News’ The Five, Juan Williams concurred with the argument that none of Obama’s post-Charleston gun control proposals would have prevented the attack from happening but said that doesn’t mean more gun control shouldn’t be passed anyway.

He then cited a two-and-a-half year old poll showing support for gun control and said, “Most gun owners… do not see the need for people to be going around the country with tremendous automatic weaponry.”

Jesse Watters countered Williams by saying, “I don’t know if anyone has ‘automatic weaponry’ they are parading around the country.” And Williams responded, “No, no, there are lot of people–especially after Obama says something [about gun control]–there’s a rush to get the kind of bullets that go into automatic weapons.”

Williams did not elaborate on what these special “kind of bullets” might be.

Watters segued from the segment with a rhetorical question, “Gun free zones seem pretty dangerous, don’t they?”

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