Hillary’s Media Covers the GOP Debate **Live Updates**


We don’t know if there will be more bias than dumb tonight… Either way, in keeping with the Breitbart News tradition, we will watch and cover all of it — we are watching the corrupt Watchmen.

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12:08 – Trump Winning Drudge Debate Poll By Wide Margin

With more than 136,000 votes more than 100 minutes after the debate, the Drudge poll shows that Trump won the debate by a wide margin. Currently, Trump sits at 38.45%. Second place is Cruz with 14.44%.

11:59 – In Ana Navarro, Jeb Bush Has His Own Cheerleader On CNN

CNN commentator Ana Navarrao is now identified by CNN as a Jeb Bush supporter, as opposed to a Republican talking head. Which is appropriate, That is exactly what she is. But no one else in the GOP primary has their own personal cheerleader on CNN.

Must be nice.

11:55 – Van Jones: Jeb Bush Made ‘W.’ Look Eloquent

CNN’s left-wing commentator Van Jones thought Kasich and Rubio won the debate, and blasted Jeb as shaky and uneven.

11:50 – CNN and MSNBC Love John Kasich

Talking heads on both MSNBC and CNN loved John Kasich, which probably won’t help him in a GOP primary.

11:42 – Fox News Focus Group’s Winners and Losers

According to the Fox News focus group Ted Cruz was the big winner, as was Huckabee. Trump was the big loser. Walker underwhelmed.

11:26 – Fox News Focus Group Blisters Trump

The Frank Luntz post-debate Fox News focus group was quite hostile towards Donald Trump. The deck might have been stacked but there doesn’t seem to be a groundswell in social media cheering his performance.

10:39 – Fox News Shames the MSM: Proves Why They Are #1

The questions so far from Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier have been superb and tough without being unfair and pointless (unless you are the MSM trying to destroy the GOP).

Do you think for a moment NBC News or CNN will ask Democrats questions this tough?

Not even close.

Not only are our candidates shining during this debate, with their tough, pointed questions Fox News is shaming the useless, corrupt MSM with every passing minute.

10:02 – Politico Attacks Trump as ‘Crazy’

Politico’s gotta Politico.

8:47 – Chris Matthews Is Really Worried About Fiorina Tagging Hillary as a Liar

Two hours later, Matthews is still trying to recruit people into his cause of attacking Fiorina for calling Hillary Clinton a liar.

I don’t think there is any doubt Matthews is worried about the effectiveness of this line of attack, especially from a sharp woman like Fiorina.

7:34 – MSNBC Coverage Is Simply Murdering Still-Born CNN

On the left-wing CNN, left-wing Gloria Borger and the left-wing Jeff Greenfield are being moderated by left-wing Kate Bolduan. They are saying stuff about the GOP debate so inane and cliched only a dog can hear it.

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, “Hardball” is being broadcast with the stage outside in a crowd. Chris Matthews, Scarborough, and their guests appear to be having a great time.

The difference is striking.

Fioina Blasts Jeb Over “Women’s Health” Gaffe: Future Dem Ad

Via Bloomberg:

“I think it’s going to become an ad in a Democrat campaign. Hillary Clinton jumped all over it for a reason—because she saw an opportunity,” Fiorina said. “And it is foolish to say that women’s health isn’t a priority. Or course it’s a priority. We can talk later about how and where that money gets spent. But it is Democrats who want to talk about women’s health when they talk about Planned Parenthood.”

7:19 – Chris Matthews Angry Fiorina Called Clinton a Liar, Scarborough Agrees

After Firoina ate Chris Matthews’ lunch and proved with specifics why Hillary Clinton is a liar, Matthews pretended to be aghast that Fiorina would call Clinton what she is — a liar.

Matthews felt is was “bad for the country.”

Joe Scarborough agreed that it was wrong for Firoina to describe a liar as a liar but reminded Matthews of all the vitriol MSNBC hurled for 8 years against George W. Bush.

7:15 – Fiorina Takes the Thrill Out of Chris Matthews’ Leg: Hillary Is a Liar

After owning left-wing anchor Kate Bolduan on CNN, Fiorina took Chris Matthews to school after he attacked her for calling Hillary Clinton a liar.

Matthews asked for specific instances where Hillary lied.

Fiorina gave specifics.

Matthews could only respond, “I see why you won the debate tonight.”

It was a beautiful thing.

7:11 Fiorina Runs Circles Around Left-wing CNN Anchor

Left-wing CNN anchor Kate Bolduan had no luck trying to drop Carly Fiorina in a rhetorical box. in a post-debate appearance. Fiorina blasted Hillary on her extreme abortion position, blasted Planned Parenthood, and blasted the Iran deal.

Fiorina called Hillary an out-and-out “liar” about her emails and Benghazi.

All Bolduan could do was sit there and take it.

7:05 – BREAKING: CNN Anchor Acknowledges Ted Cruz Is Hispanic

An extraordinary moment on CNN tonight when Dana Bash referred to Republican Senator Ted Cruz as Hispanic.

7:04 – Drudge Is Gunna Drudge


6:44 – Chuck Todd: ‘Pre-Debate Debate Helped No One’

On the “NBC Nightly News” Chuck Todd said that the pre-debate spin that the pre-debate debate might be an opportunity as opposed to not ended up being true. He believed all seven candidates were diminished in that setting.

Twitter is saying unequivocally that Carly Fiorina won the forum.

6:22 – Consensus Is That Carly Fiorina Won

Personally, I was just as impressed with Lindsey Graham’s straight talk about ISIS and Iraq.

6:15 – Reminder: CNN Still Sucks

Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Jeff Zeleny and some pinhead metrosexual in glasses are all spouting left-wing cliches against the Republicans up on the stage — primarily the hustle about how in order to win we need to pander to illegal Hispanics who will never vote for us.

Open borders is the solution, y’all.

6:11 – New MSNBC Looks An Awful Lot Like the Old MSNBC

Without being challenged, MSNBC allowed Dem Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to practically do play-by-play against the Republicans up on the stage.

We were told MSNBC was going to dump the left-wing echo chamber and turn to serious news.

6:00 – Roll Call Clown Claims Santorum Compared Same Sex Marriage to Slavery

The media is a den of liars

All Santorum did was use Dred Scott as an example of a SCOTUS ruling that didn’t stand over time.


5:48 – Consensus Building That Carly Fiorina Is Running Away With It

That was an excellent answer by Carly. Yes, relied on things she said before, but so what?

Rich Lowry (@RichLowry) August 6, 2015

— Fiorina’s answer there was terrific. #GOPDebate

Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 6, 2015

5:21 – Fox Asks Awful “What Would You Say To a Child” Immigration Question

GOP worked so hard to fix these debates and here we have Fox News asking the same stupid emotional blackmail questions we expect from Chris Cuomo and George Stephanopoulos. and Candy Crowley.


5:18 – Roll Call Reporter Has Got Some Palin Jokes

I guess that Trump-Fiorina ticket ain’t gonna happen. Palin’s still avail, tho’ — Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) August 6, 2015


5:14 – In Hour-Long Debate It Took Fox 15 Minutes to Ask a Decent Questions

.@BillHemmer goes to ISIS. Excellent question 15 minutes into debate — Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) August 6, 2015


5:11 – Second Round of Dumb Questions: Why Is Trump Beating You?

Why is Fox News asking all these dumb process questions instead of questions about policy? This is what we expect from the MSM.


5:05 – Four Fox News Questions, All Process No Policy

The pre-debate debate has begun and the first four questions are all about process and not policy; the kind of questions you ask pundits not candidates: Can you win? Your poll numbers are low? You’re awful, why should anyone vote for you? Why are you even here? Why?   This about sums it up…

Shorter @FoxNews Happy Hour #GOPDebate: you’re at this forum. Why shouldn’t that disqualify you? — Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) August 6, 2015

5:00 – Who In The MSM Will Be the First Hack To Say, “Hillary Is Tonight’s Winner”?

My money is on CNN’s Gloria Borger.


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