Two Days After Reporter’s ‘Race War’ Murders, CNN Returns to Phony Race-Baiting


Just two days ago a racist, black, gay, Obama-supporting member of the mainstream media murdered two white, straight people in an obvious hate crime. You would think that such a thing would give decent people pause when it comes to practicing the Dark Art of Phony Race-Baiting. But not CNN. Never CNN. And certainly not race-baiting anchor-in-chief Chris Cuomo.

Less than 48 hours after two young reporters were murdered on live television, New Day, Cuomo, and his co-anchor Alisyn Camerota are right back at it. Almost a full hour of CNN’s failing “New Day” Friday was devoted to ginning up a phony attack against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for his innocuous  use of the term “Silent Majority.”

Two days after one of their own committed two murders in an obvious racist rage, the left-wing hate network is right back to fabricating racial division and outrage where absolutely none exists.

According to CNN being “silent” is now racist.

According to CNN appealing to the predominantly white working class who for a generation have been forgotten and ignored by both political parties as blue collar jobs have vanished throughout the Rustbelt, is now racist.

According to CNN accurately pointing out that a large part of this country is “silent” due to a mainstream media and popular culture wholly owned by Leftists, is now racist.

According to CNN, putting the words “silent” and “majority” together just might be “racial code for something.”

CNN’s craven, depraved indifference should surprise no one.

This is, after all, the same CNN that actively participated in the burning down and looting of two predominantly black neighborhoods.

Just like they do the people of  Baltimore and Ferguson, CNN sees Alison Parker and Adam Ward as nothing more than expendable logs on the Revolution Fire.


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