San Bernardino: CNN Asks Widow If Her Christian Husband Provoked Terror Attack


If you’ve ever wondered just how low leftwing CNN is willing to stoop in its never-ending quest to smear Christians as bigots, the video below should help answer that question. Using a series of snide and leading questions, just one day after her husband was murdered by Islamic terrorist Syed Farook,  CNN’s Gary Tuchman attempted to get the widow of Nicholas Thalasinos to indict her own husband as a Christian, anti-Muslim bigot.

You might want to take a blood pressure pill before pressing play:

RedState correctly points out that there was a legitimate way for CNN to pursue this line of questioning….

There was a way to navigate this interview that would have answered the question of whether the terrorist was specifically angry with or agitated by an evangelizing Christian without blaming the victim. Tuchman decided not to go that route, offering up instead an interview and a summary that in every way sounded like someone asking a rape victim if she was maybe dressed too provocatively or danced too suggestively.

…but CNN isn’t interested in information, they are chasing a narrative.

Despite the fact that all logic and evidence points to a planned Islamic terror attack, even if it means taking advantage of a widow, who is almost certainly still in shock, CNN will do whatever it takes to keep its anti-Christian narrative alive.

Although, as Anderson Cooper says later, there is “no direct evidence they had a confrontation” (which is what makes CNN airing the interview an outright attempt to smear a dead man), it also keeps the workplace violence narrative alive, which in turn keeps CNN’s anti-gun narrative alive.

All of these lies and smears are of course in service to Barack Obama. Our president is not keeping us safe, and just 10 days ago assured us there were no domestic terror threats we need be concerned with.

CNN is desperate to distract, and if that means exploiting a grieving widow, so be it.


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