Breitbart News Launches Two New Podcasts with AWR Hawkins and James Delingpole


Breitbart News is launching two new podcasts this week: Bullets with AWR Hawkins and Delingpole with James Delingpole.

These two new shows, set to launch this week (on Tuesday and Thursday respectively), will be in addition to our original and highly successful podcast shows: The Milo Yiannopoulos Show and Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson.

“At Breitbart, we are all about reaching our highly engaged audience with new and exciting offerings,” said Breitbart News President and CEO Larry Solov. “To that end, following on the heels of the successful Milo Yiannopoulos and Sonnie Johnson podcasts, we are pleased to announce the addition of weekly podcasts with AWR Hawkins and James Delingpole. Adding these two unique and compelling Breitbart voices to our podcast lineup expands the conversation and offers yet another way for our community of over 31 million monthly readers to connect.”

“I’m a podcast evangelist, so I’m particularly thrilled about Breitbart’s latest expansion,” declared Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow. “AWR Hawkins is an unrivaled expert on guns and the Second Amendment, and James Delingpole is one of the most brilliant minds in the English-speaking world and hilarious to boot. I’ve interviewed both of them on radio at least a dozen times, and both are skilled communicators who take incredible pride in what they produce. In both podcasts, you’ll get news, education, and entertainment — an unbeatable combo.”

Breitbart’s Second Amendment and firearms reporter AWR Hawkins, who was awarded both “Journalist of the Year” and “Gun Rights Defender of the Year” at the Gun Rights Policy Conference last year, will bring on a host of guests every week, including firearm manufacturers, gun rights scholars, lawmakers, and leaders in the pro-gun movement.

Breitbart London columnist James Delingpole, who has dived with great white sharks, drunk cocktails with Jimmy Page in the Beverly Hills Hotel, smoked drugs with former British Prime Minister David Cameron, and nearly died last year while hunting foxes, aims to bring on a selection of guests who are almost as wacky as he is, while providing a weekly insight into the latest news from America’s friend across the pond.

Bullets with AWR Hawkins will debut on October 18th and be released every Tuesday, and Delingpole with James Delingpole will premiere on October 20th and be released every Thursday (click on the links to subscribe to both). Both shows will be available on PodcastOne and iTunes, along with Breitbart News’s current and ongoing podcasts: The Milo Yiannopoulos Show and Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson.


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