Axios: Trump Committing ‘Twitter Terrorism’ Against Legacy Media

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Axios media reporter Sara Fischer wrote on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is committing “twitter terrorism” against the legacy media.

Fischer may have characterized Trump’s successful use of social media to shine a bright light on the “very fake news” establishment media as “twitter terrorism” to bring attention to her informative weekly “Media Trends” newsletter and article on the “real and urgent web-world threats that could truly bring down” legacy media outlets.

She notes in her piece that “the entire digital ecosystem is far more vulnerable to cyberattacks — and far more ill-prepared to respond — than we realize.” Fischer points out that in recent months, WPP, a global ad agency, Facebook, and Google have experienced various cyberattacks. In addition, according to Fisher, “last October, a DDOS (bot-based) attack shut down half of the internet, including major media companies, like the Guardian, CNN and Twitter.”

Regardless, Fischer joins a long line of reporters who have associated Trump’s tweets against the “fake news” media–especially his most recent WWE-themed tweet–with violence.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press even piled on when it accused Trump on Sunday of glorifying “violence against members of the press.”

“We condemn the president’s threat of physical violence against journalists. This tweet is beneath the office of the presidency. Sadly, it is not beneath this president,” the Committee’s Executive Director Bruce Brown said in a statement after Trump’s WWE tweet. “No one should be threatened with physical harm for doing their jobs.”


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