Left Emboldened: Maddow Surges in Ratings as Resistance Takes a Victory Lap

Maddow, Hannity

The #Resistance took a victory lap this week as Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and Paul Manafort’s guilty verdict on eight counts skyrocketed MSNBC to the top of the cable news ratings.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s guilty plea doesn’t necessarily implicate Trump in anything criminal, and Manafort’s verdict still has nothing to do with the Trump campaign, Russia, or “collusion.” Nonetheless, the pussyhat-donning MSNBC moms of the #Resistance think it’s all over for Trump after this week.

After almost two years of Trump-Russia hysteria, the left’s only “smoking gun” so far is possible hush payments, which might not even be illegal.

Celebrities reacted to the the suffering of Trump’s former associates with glee. Kathy Griffin, who this week stated that members of Trump’s administration were “despicable Nazis,” responded by going topless.

The news media wasn’t much better–NBC’s Chuck Todd suggested that Paul Ryan could do the GOP a “favor” by starting impeachment proceedings against Trump. MRC’s Newsbusters, meanwhile, counted 222 utterances of the word “impeach” or “impeachment” by talking heads on CNN and MSNBC on Wednesday.

The main beneficiary of all this chaos is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Though Hannity on Fox News is usually the ratings king, Maddow pulled ahead of Sean Hannity for three nights in a row this week, Deadline reports.

The network in general also beat the competition. Deadline also reports that on Thursday, “for a third consecutive night, MSNBC topped primetime cable news in both total viewers (2.869M) and in the news demographic (560K), besting FNC (2.576M, 490K), and CNN (1.514M, 547K).”

MSNBC’s success in the age of Trump should come as no surprise. The network’s shows consist almost entirely of liberals’ favorite topics–the Russia investigation, “conservatives” who hate Trump, race and gender issues, and of course, porn star Stormy Daniels and her media-darling lawyer Michael Avenatti.

CNN once again came in third place in cable news ratings. The network’s ratings suffered a huge year-over-year drop last week, losing 23 percent of their total viewer average compared to the same week last year.

And who can blame liberal viewers for tuning out CNN, with it’s exhausting “food fight” formula and strange on-air meltdowns?

This week, CNN host Chris Cuomo was busy exploring deep thoughts like whether or not Americans outraged over Mollie Tibbetts’ murder by an illegal alien would care as much if the killer was white.

“I wonder if these sympathizers would be as full-throated about these tragedies if the killers were white citizens, if the victims were not young white women,” Cuomo asked. In the same segment, he claimed that it was offensive for President Trump to say that Mollie Tibbets was “permanently separated” from her family.

Meanwhile, CNN reporter Oliver Darcy closed out the week by assuring everyone that social media censorship of conservatives is all just made up.


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