Nolte: Bob Woodward’s Book Debunks Media’s Russia Collusion Hoax

Journalist Bob Woodward (L) and President Donald Trump (R).
Getty Images: Drew Angerer, Mark Wilson

Did you know Bob Woodward’s upcoming book accidentally debunks the Russian Collusion Hoax?

Before we get to that, let’s back up a bit…

There’s a few reasons the establishment media are currently in a frenzy to fabricate a “constitutional crisis” out of nothing, out of nonsense, out of something as meaningless as President Trump’s supposed management style.

Seriously, take a look around, take a good look at this concocted freak out over this supposed “national emergency” and all you will see are liars (the media), losers (Democrats), and grifters (Never Trump) screaming and bellyaching over … nothing, nada, zip, zippo, air, a big blank.

Did you just say we’re in the middle of an unprecedented crisis because Trump likes Diet Coke, cheeseburgers, two scoops of ice cream, and Playboy bunnies?

Doesn’t that just prove he’s, you know, an American?

Did you just say Trump is unfit to be president because he criticizes the media (Obama spied on the media), yells at his staff (Clinton used interns as humidors), and might be impulsive (Bush launched two endless wars)…

Did you just say we have to overturn a presidential election because Trump paid off a porn star over a 12-year-old alleged affair (did you catch that part about the humidor?), because he “only” twice condemned the Nazis in Charlottesville (Obama posed with Louis Farrakhan), and is enamored with his executive power (Obama weaponized the IRS against everyday Americans)…

Good grief, what a parade of sad clowns. Never before in the history of this great country of ours have the liars, losers and grifters worked so hard to coordinate the gaslighting of the American people — worked so hard to fabricate a crisis out of horse shit.

So why? Why are they doing it?

There are two reasons, but both boil down to this: they got nothing else.

As of right now, and thanks primarily to the results of Trump’s constitutional-crisis-of-a-management-style, things are going about as well in America as things go. For the first time since 9/11 we have entered an era of peace and prosperity, and this is driving the establishment nuts. Basically, “The Neanderthal” is proving just how poorly the so-called experts have managed foreign and domestic policy over the last 30 years.

The other reason for this phony freak out is the implosion of the Russian Collusion Hoax.

From where I sit this hoax is unraveling fairly quickly right now…

Former low-low-low level Trump campaign staffer George Papadopolous, who was supposed to be the golden thread that unraveled the whole sweater, was just sentenced to 14 days in jail for — get this — lying to the authorities.

Are you kidding me?

Then there is the Special Counsel agreeing to accept written answers from Trump regarding collusion (a major climb down on Dirty Cop Robert Mueller’s part) and Trump basically telling Mueller to go f**k himself on the issue of obstruction (another media-crafted hoax).

These are all big deals, but none is bigger than Bob Woodward’s upcoming book accidentally debunking the Russian Collusion Hoax.

First, though, we need to talk a bit about Russia and Syria.

How important is Syria to Russian President Vladimir Putin?

The importance cannot be overstated…

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a client of Putin’s, a client in every way that matters. In an important part of the world, Assad is a strategic and military ally, an ally who allows Russia to have a vital warm water naval installation in that part of the world. What’s more, Assad purchases untold billions in weapons from Russia, and then there is the national prestige of Russia having a toehold in the Middle East.

But the civil war in Syria is bleeding Russia out. Putin is desperate to keep Assad in power and the price he is paying is brutal, which means…

If Trump were in fact Putin’s Puppet — as the media and Never Trump allege; if Putin owned Trump, held some sort of blackmail over him — as Hillary’s phony dossier alleges; if Trump were guilty of colluding with Russian in any way, there is no question Syria is where we would see Putin bend Trump to his will. And Trump could easily argue he promised to stay out of Middle East wars to cover for his giving Putin what he wants.

Instead, though, Trump has twice bombed Syria over the issue of chemical weapons, and…

According to Bob Woodward, Trump wanted to target Assad for assassination:

According to the book, Trump told Mattis that he wanted to have Assad assassinated after the Syrian president launched a chemical attack on civilians in April 2017.

Mattis told Trump he would “get right on it,” but instead developed a plan for a limited air strike that did not threaten Assad personally.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…


Is it just me, or does the #Resistance need to get its story straight?

Here is Woodward playing his part in the long con to remove a duly elected president over something as meaningless as management style, but in doing so, Woodward just debunked the Russian Collusion Hoax, because the last thing — and I say this literally –the last thing a Putin stooge would call for is the targeting of Putin’s numero uno geopolitical ally Bashar al-Assad.

I should add that Trump denies he called for Assad’s assassination and that all of Woodward’s sources are named Anonymous, and that countless Trump staffers have gone on record calling Woodward’s book a lie.

Oh, and then there is this…

So maybe a better way to put it is that the #Resistance need to get their lies straight.


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