CNN’s Ana Navarro: Nikki Haley Was Best the Trump Admin Had Because She’s Not a ‘Racist’ or ‘Dumb’

Ana Navarro

CNN commentator Ana Navarro tweeted that Nikki Haley was the “best” that the Trump administration had because she’s not “racist,” “dumb” or “a jerk.”

“Some of u have issues w/Haley. Look guys, she’s: Not dumb; Not a misogynist; Not a racist; Not a serial liar; Not a jerk; Not a Trump relative; Not under investigation; Not a sexual assaulter or domestic abuser; Not a coddler of murderous dictators. So, yes. She’s best they had,” Ana Navarro wrote, insinuating that most people in Trump’s administration are those things:

Navarro, one of CNN’s “conservatives” has attacked President Trump harshly in the past. She made headlines in August for joking that First Lady Melania Trump suffered “oxygen deprivation to the brain”:

In May, Navarro said that President Trump’s rhetoric is reminiscent of something that Nazis and slave owners would use.

After Trump referred to members of the violent gang MS-13 as “animals,” Navarro said, “I’m a lot more concerned when he doers things like calls immigrants animals. When we start dehumanizing people.”

“He says he was talking about MS-13 the White House, says he was talking about MS-13. Not good enough from a president who has called countries in Central America like Haiti shit holes. Not good enough from a president talked about Haitians having AIDS. Not good enough from a president who said people in Africa live in huts and why would they come here.”

“That’s why he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. And not good enough when you see the level of division we are seeing out there in America,” Navarro said.