Nolte: BuzzFeed Stock Up After Announcing Artificial Intelligence to Create Content

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti stands in front of the Nasdaq market site in Times Square as th
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Failing, far-left BuzzFeed saw a jump in its stock price after announcing “plans to use artificial intelligence to personalize and enhance the digital media firm’s online quizzes and content,” per Reuters.

Buzzfeed, in an emailed response to Reuters, said “we are not using ChatGPT – we are using OpenAI’s publicly available API (application programming interface).”

“In 2023, you’ll see AI inspired content move from an R&D stage to part of our core business, enhancing the quiz experience, informing our brainstorming, and personalizing our content for our audience,” BuzzFeed Chief Executive Jonah Peretti said in memo to employees reviewed by Reuters.

The company said last month it would cut about 12% of its workforce to rein in costs. Its third-quarter net loss had widened to $27 million from $3.6 million a year ago.

In other words, BuzzFeed is choosing to use robots to create some of its content as opposed to human beings… Or should I say leftist human beings, the people who had been creating BuzzFeed’s content in the past.

Imagine that.

Imagine discovering a company prefers artificial intelligence over your intelligence. Imagine discovering a company prefers the “creativity” produced by a machine over your creativity. Finally, imagine discovering the whole world agrees that a robot will produce better content than you, which is what the world is saying when the stock price jumps like this.

BuzzFeed, of course, is another left-wing media disaster. Since going public in December 2021, its stock price has tanked by as much as 90 percent. The stock launched at $9.61 per share. Until today, it had dropped to as low as 74¢ per share. Now it’s up to $2.70 on the news the company believes machines will produce better content than left-wing writers.

And it’s not just the quality of the content…

Outside of the fact that leftists create humorless, didactic, preachy, and predictable content no one is interested in (see: CNN), leftists are also a big pain in the butt to employ; they’re all a bunch of crybabies who start newsroom revolutions if a piece of content goes up that they consider “problematic.” Then, they unionize, even as the company’s stock price drops to pennies.

What is the upside of hiring a bunch of talentless brats who are always on the verge of a tantrum or sexual harassment lawsuit?

No matter how much the left tries to reshape society into its bland, generic, conformist, fascist, and authoritarian image, if you don’t produce what people want, corporations like BuzzFeed will always find a workaround.

You want to know what robots don’t do? They don’t show up at work with blue hair, tattoos, a full beard, and high heels threatening to sue if you don’t build a They/Them bathroom.

Robots just sit there and produce. That’s all they do. And when leftists become every bit as humorless, characterless, and anti-art as a machine, there is only an upside in hiring machines.

BuzzFeed is using content robots for the same reason a lot of men use sex robots: You get the same robotic result without the headaches, arguments, lawsuits, neuroses, and expenses. 

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