Horror: Fifth-Graders Accused In School Murder Plot

Horror: Fifth-Graders Accused In School Murder Plot

(CBS/KREM/AP) COLVILLE, Wash. – Court documents released Wednesday give disturbing details about how and why two northeast Washington fifth-grade boys planned to kill a female classmate along with other students, reports CBS affiliate KREM.

The young suspects, 10 and 11, were arrested at Fort Colville Elementary School on Feb. 7 after a fourth grader apparently saw one of them playing with a knife on the bus and told a school employee. The employee, Richard Payette, searched the fifth-graders’ bags found a 3.25 inch knife, an ammunition clip and a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol in the 10-year-old’s bag. School employees notified the Colville Police Department.

KREM reports that when asked about the weapons, the 10-year-old told a staff member that he and the 11-year-old were going to “get [the girl] away from the school and do her in.” He said the 11-year-old was going to stab the girl with a knife and the 10-year-old was supposed to keep everyone away, according to court documents. The 10-year-old reportedly indicated he and the 11-year-old had been planning the attack for some time, and that another student was aware of their plans. Police say the younger suspect admitted he took the weapons from his older brother’s room.

Court documents state the 11-year-old said he and the 10-year-old were planning to kill the girl “because she was really annoying,” KREM reports. The 10-year-old said he had been in a “short dating relationship” with the girl. According to KREM, the 11-year-old also told a teacher the names of more students they were going to target. When a police officer asked the 10-year-old if he knew what he was going to do was dangerous, wrong, and unlawful, and the boy reportedly replied “Yes, I just wanted her dead,” the records show.