Senate Intel Vice Chair: 'I'm Not Going to Believe Anything' from WH

Senate Intel Vice Chair: 'I'm Not Going to Believe Anything' from WH

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that after receiving a classified briefing on the Bergdahl prisoner swap, he could no longer trust anything coming from the White House. Chambliss declared, “I’m not going to believe anything they tell me from now on. They are willing to violate the law. But even short of that, when they commit to us that they are going to give us 30 days notice and then they don’t do it, how in the world can we trust the administration on anything they tell us?”

Chambliss added that the administration’s explanation for why they did not notify Congress “made no sense whatsoever,” and he stated that the White House “made a calculation early on in the process that we’re going to do this and no need to notify Congress.”

He also contrasted the administration’s lack of disclosure on Bergdahl to their openness on the Bin Laden raid. Chambliss said “it was like they didn’t trust Diane [Feinstein] and me and, yet, the two of us knew about the Bin Laden event for leading up to the takedown of Bin Laden for months and months and months it’s just very puzzling as to why they didn’t notify anybody in Congress as to what was going on.”

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