Krauthammer: Hillary's Effort to Put Benghazi to Bed with Book 'Not Going to Work'

Krauthammer: Hillary's Effort to Put Benghazi to Bed with Book 'Not Going to Work'

On Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer identified what he saw as to be the aims of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s book tour.

According to Krauthammer, Clinton is trying to beat her critics to the punch, which would come in the 2016 presidential campaign. But he’s skeptical it can work.

“It’s not the first rollout,” Krauthammer said. “It used to be that candidates would roll out like platform speeches where they have their vision so-called written by seven other people and they barely read it and do a book tour and that’s how you start. With her, of course, she is already completely 100 percent name recognition, a celebrity. So she doesn’t need that. But it’s a good launch because of the timing. Race starts as soon as the midterm is over and vacation is over so it starts in January. And this gives her a bit of a head-up. What she is trying to do is insulate herself against certain charges. That’s why the Benghazi story chapter was released last week.”

“It’s a way to say and this is what they are always going to do,” he continued. “‘This is old news, been adjudicated 18 times. I’m not going to stoop to answer such a question.’ So, I think it’s a way for her to get some of this on the record two years ahead of time so it won’t be an issue. But, it’s not going to work on Benghazi because the hearings, if there are hearings and they are public hearings are probably going to be next year when the campaign starts.”

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