Condoleezza Rice to Disrupting Protesters: 'Democracy Is 'Noisy'

Condoleezza Rice to Disrupting Protesters: 'Democracy Is 'Noisy'

Thursday at Vermont’s Norwich University the crowd rose for a standing ovation as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told protestors still screaming as they were being escorted out of the venue by security, “Democracy is great, but sometimes it’s noisy,”

Rice told the cheering crowd, “In a lot of places in the world, some of which the Untied States of America has helped and defended, people would love to be able to do just that without the secret police taking them off to jail.”

Rice was at the university giving a foreign policy speech in which she said Iraq’s crisis began when President Barack Obama ordered all U.S. forces to leave. In discussing the invading militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Rice said, “You gotta knock them back. You do not want those people in a swath of territory the size of Indiana. That will be a real problem.”

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