Jesse Jackson Praises 'Beauty' of Cochran Campaign

Jesse Jackson Praises 'Beauty' of Cochran Campaign

Rev. Jesse Jackson praised the “beauty” of Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) victory over “Confederate” Chris McDaniel in an interview on CNN’s “Wolf” on Thursday.

In a discussion on the progress of civil rights Jackson said that one of the problems he sees in America is the fact that “the 11 southern states have gone Confederate again and of the McDaniel variety where a state like South Carolina one-fourth poverty, rejects $12 billion in Medicaid money, a state like Mississippi rejects $10 billion in Medicaid money for the poorest people in America.” 

His solution to this problem is to “move towards the beauty of this Thad Cochran campaign, and we must live together.  If we live together, we can share America’s resources together.”

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