Lanny Davis: WH Communications Team 'Ill-Serving'

Lanny Davis: WH Communications Team 'Ill-Serving'

Lanny Davis, former White House Special Counsel to President Clinton, strongly criticized the White House’s communications team for constantly attacking the opposition and being “defensive.” 

In an appearance on Monday’s broadcast of Washington D.C.’s NewsChannel 8’s “NewsTalk,” Davis said the White House press team is “defensive, on the attack, always demonizing the opposition.” And “the communications shop is ill-serving [Obama].”

When asked what the communications staff should change, Davis responded “stop attacking.”  He concluded by attacking the White House for its “cynical spin,” in particular on the issues of impeachment. “[The White House is saying]‘They want to impeach him.’ No they really don’t want to impeach him” Davis declared.

(h/t RNC Research)

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