Arrested HuffPo Reporter Chokes Up Recounting Arrest

Arrested HuffPo Reporter Chokes Up Recounting Arrest

Huffington Post Justice Reporter Ryan Reilly got emotional recounting his arrest in Ferguson, MO on today’s “HuffPost Live.” Reilly said he was “shocked” when he was arrested inside a McDonald’s near the protest and police reportedly shoved his head into a glass door.  “It’s really just such a dehumanizing process, to be eliminated from all forms of human communication” he said. 

Reilly added that he felt the police were treating him like a child in the way they ordered him to leave the McDonald’s, and that there was no reason to rush him to leave, especially since he waited for about ten minutes to be transferred to the police station after he was arrested.  Reilly also reported that during that time, he made numerous queries about the name and badge number of the arresting officer that were refused.

(h/t Mediaite)

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