Clift: Muslims in Europe Feel ‘Singled Out’

Clift: Muslims in Europe Feel ‘Singled Out’

The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that Muslims in Europe feel “singled out” and seemed to assert that the rise of “anti-immigrant hatred” in Europe was as terrifying as the rise of radical Islam on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.” 

During a discussion on increasing anti-Semitism in Europe, she said “it’s terrifying in Europe, the rise of Islam, but also the rise of just general anti-immigrant hatred and you have that combined with the populist backlash…Jews probably feel like they’re being singled out, but I think Muslims feel like they’re being singled out.”

Fellow panelist Mort Zuckerman quickly objected, stating “the Jews do not feel they’re being singled out except by Muslims. The Muslims are not being singled out by the Jews, OK? It’s the Muslims who are attacking the Jews in the most of the capitols of Europe.”

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