Michael Daly: Boycott Cuba Until They Extradite Cop Killer

Daily Beast Special Correspondent Michael Daly urged Americans to boycott Cuba until they extradite Joanne Chesimard, who killed a police officer during her time in the Black Panthers and then escaped from prison and has been hiding out in Cuba while on the US government’s Most Wanted Terrorists List on CNN on Saturday.

Daly said that there was “zero” chance Chesimard will be extradited to the US, “I mean, by the Americans taking the step that they took, I mean, how are we going to force Cuba to give up Joanne Chesimard unless there’s some deal we don’t know about. unless there’s some understanding that we don’t know about. But Castro’s kind of got what he wants.”

Although he said that it was “possible” there would be improved relations that could lead to her extradition at some time, but said that he believes Americans should boycott the island until she is extradited

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