Nicolle Wallace: I Get ‘a Little Bit’ of PTSD When I See Palin

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,”  during a discussion of  former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s battle with animal rights group PETA over her six-year-old son using the family service dog as a so-called stepping stool, co-host Nicolle Wallace, who worked with Palin as an adviser during Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) 2008 presidential bid, said she gets PTSD at the sight of Palin.

Co-host Rosie  O’Donnell asked Wallace, “Do you have PTSD when you see her?”

Wallace replied, “A little bit. I start to sweat out.”

Wallace added she debated backstage,  “Who do I get to try to kill me today? PETA or Palin?”

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