Report: American Ex-Muslims Form Support Groups

Voice of America did a report on Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA), a networking organization of support groups for former Muslims.

The groups goal as stated on their webpage is, “We are a group of people dedicated to supporting and helping ex-Muslims. The primary reason for our group’s existence is to build a community and provide a sense of solidarity for ‘ex-Muslims’ – people who used to follow Islam or identify as Muslim, and who no longer do so. As such, this group is only for ex-Muslims, primarily those located in or from North America”

Voice of America reported:

“It’s estimated that more than a quarter of Americans have left the faith they were raised in. And while all major faiths have lost adherents, many of those who abandoned Islam face particular hardships. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky went to a support group that helps former Muslims who may feel ostracized or disoriented, and reports.”

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