Carson: ‘Political Correctness’ Only Thing Our Leaders Stand Up For

Dr. Ben Carson, author of “You Have a Brain,” argued that “the only thing that our leaders are willing to stand up for is political correctness” on Friday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think everybody can remember when they didn’t want to do something, and all of a sudden everything else seemed more interesting. Well, that’s what this administration is doing now. You know, a couple weeks ago it was the Christian crusaders. Now it’s the sovereign citizens, because they don’t really want to deal with the radical Islamic terrorists. They don’t want to do what they know needs to be done. And it really is quite a shame. But the real problem is we don’t seem to learn. In World War I, you know, Woodrow Wilson and Secretary Bryan, they didn’t want to get involved. we finally got dragged in, after the Lusitania. World War II, Roosevelt didn’t want to go in there. It took Pearl Harbor. What is it going to take for us to realize the existential threat that exists because of this? We keep saying, oh, ‘they’re junior league, they’re not a threat to us.’ If they’re a threat to the world — to another part of the world, they will be a threat to us. It’s like a little bush right now which will grow into a big tree, and it will be much more difficult to uproot it later on. Why can’t we learn that?” he stated in reaction to a DHS report on right-wing terror threats.

Carson continued, “well, it seems like the only thing that our leaders are willing to stand up for is political correctness, which is antithetical to one of the founding principles of our nation, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And what we the people are going to have to do is stop allowing that to control us. And we’re going to have to start thinking for ourselves. We’re going to have to start thinking ‘what are we going to do to fight the threats that exist if our government’s not going to fight it?’ We’re going to have to start thinking about what are we going to do. Our representatives are going to have to start thinking about what do they have to do. We’re not helpless. We don’t just sit around and wring our hands, people start thinking.”

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