Wilbon on Tennessee HS Teams Being Disqualified: ‘Adults Failed the Kids’

During ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” on Tuesday, co-hosts Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser discussed the two Tennessee high school girls basketball teams that were disqualified after they “made a mockery of the game” by intentionally missing free-throws, making obvious turnovers, committing intentional rule violations and trying to shoot in their opponent’s goal, according to officials. Winning this game would have set up either team to have played the defending state champions, while the loser would have had an easier team to face.

According to Wilbon, the game between Riverdale High School and Smyrna High School was a situation where the adults ‘failed the children.”

“This is sadder to me than the Jackie Robinson West situation where adults failed children. It goes down to the parents. Because if that’s my kid on the team I’m going down to the floor and you try to miss? You’re trying to turn the ball over? Come out of the game. Either you come out or the coach gets this right. Parents, administrators and executives, they failed the kids.”

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