ESPN’s Colin Cowherd on the NBA ‘One-and-Done’ Rule: ‘It’s Racially Tinged’

Colin Cowherd, host of ESPNU’s “The Herd,” spoke Thursday about Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari and his history of bringing in the top high school talent with the idea that they can enter the NBA Draft after only one year in college. Currently, a non-international athlete has to spend at least one year in college before being eligible for the NBA Draft.

According to Cowherd, golfers and tennis players can go pro without college, but not black athletes, saying that it’s “racially tinged.”

“Why blame players if they one and done it to the NBA? That is not the players fault. We let a tennis player go and a golfer go, why can’t we let, you know, a black basketball player go? I’ve always thought it was racially tinged. Well, we’ve gotta protect him. Why? This whole thing about ‘Ah these poor kids go to the NBA … and what, make millions playing the game they like? Let them go! They want to play!”

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