Clift: Clinton ‘Should Turn Over the Server’

The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that while there isn’t anything to the Hillary Clinton e-mail story, “she should turn over the server” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group”

“If it were up to me, I think she should turn over the server and have somebody go through, some third party go through, those emails, but she’s right that she has followed the law. Every Secretary is apparently allowed to decide what’s personal and what isn’t. And every other — her previous Secretaries of State did exactly what she did” she stated.

Earlier, Clift said the email story “it’s going to on, it will be part of the Washington noise. But unless they find out that she compromised national security with classified information in a place where it could have been gotten at or that she’s really hiding something serious, I think this becomes part of the stew of scandal and the whiff of pseudo scandal around the Clintons…the Clintons have always been saved by the enemies. They are going to overreach.”

Later she predicted, “there won’t be any there, there.”

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