Rush: Walker ‘Has the Republican Establishment On Its Heels’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) “has the Republican establishment on its heels a little bit” on Monday.

Limbaugh stated “Scott Walker, he went into New Hampshire and basically owned it.  I wonder why this is happening, wherever this guy goes. Iowa, now New Hampshire, wherever he goes, he’s drawing enthused, rabid, huge, large crowds, and he is giving those crowds what they want.”

He continued, “Scott Walker is the — is the front-runner. — In all candor, in all seriousness, he went into New Hampshire and the crowds showed up, and they were huge, and they were enthusiastic…I think this has the Republican establishment on its heels a little bit.  At this time, you know, it was supposed to be Jeb and Chris Christie…this was not supposed to be. This — this wasn’t in the cards.”

Limbaugh concluded, “wherever he goes, his crowds are enormous and enthusiastic.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton is the exact opposite. She can’t draw a crowd. She can’t sell her book.  I mean, the contrast is — is deep and profound. ”

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