Bergdahl Platoon Mates: He Doesn’t Deserve an Honorable Discharge

Specialist Cody Full and Josh Cornelison, who served with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, said that he does not deserve an honorable discharge on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Corneilson said, “I think he should be prosecuted to the full extent that USMJ will allow. So, if that’s maximum life in prison, then that needs to happen. I don’t think that he needs to, you know, get all the benefits, all the rewards that anybody else that honorably served would get.”

He added, “i think that if Bowe Bergdahl, after all this is finished, and he gets an honorable discharge, I think it’s more than a slap in the face, I think it’s an absolute spit in the face of every single service member.”

Full added that while “i feel bad and compassionate as a human being that that happened to another American” regarding Bergdahl’s treatment by the enemy, “at the same time, if you wouldn’t have deserted and turned your back on your fellow American comrades, then you wouldn’t be in that predicament in the first place. I also don’t think it’s fair for him to get an honorable discharge, anything less than a dishonorable discharge and forfeit all his pay, and rank, and benefits. you have guys that go to Afghanistan and Iraq multiple times, that serve this country honorably. They don’t desert. They do their job. They come home, and these guys are battling PTSD, maybe missing a limb, have a Purple Heart, they have a few drinks one night, make a mistake. They don’t get an honorable discharge. So, how is it fair to them that serve this country honorably and didn’t desert their fellow Americans in combat to come home, not get an honorable discharge, but he deserts, misconduct before the enemy, and then now he’s supposed to get honorable discharge?”

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