Matthews: Maybe Israel Should ‘Fear’ Post-Deal ‘Economically Potent’ Iran

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said that Israel maybe “should fear” an “economically potent” Iran because that’s going to arise as a result of our deal with Iran on Thursday’s “MSNBC Live.”

“Israel doesn’t have the exact same foreign policy we do, nor does Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was saying today they don’t want us to — going back to a friendship of any kind with the Iranians. Well, of course they don’t. They’re jealous. They don’t want us to be dealing with anybody over there but them. And Israel, may well — people on the right in Israel may fear, not just a nuclear Iran, but an economically potent Iran, and they may get that. That may be something they should fear, because that’s going to come out of this thing” he said.

Earlier, Matthews defended the deal, stating “it’s either peace or war. It’s either some attempt at peace, or getting ready for war. We either bomb the hell out of those nuclear facilities over there, which will only give us another three years before the entire country starts building it together, with great national unity and nationalism and hatred of us again, or you try another route. Now, what they’re doing is trying another route, and it will be tested. As you point out, I thought rather well, it’s going to be staggered. Any relief of the sanctions will have to be on a staggered basis. We’re going to get to see.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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